A few years ago, thanks to Rosi Manari and Vincenzo Castellano, experts of the area, we began to visit the mountainous territory of the Reggio Emilia Province, a beautiful region but still not widely known. In this long exploration we ran into many people and many stories, which helped us to appreciate the “inner soul” of this territory. Thus the idea of a series of three documentaries developed: a free and creative intepretation dedicated to the memory, the local culture and the natural heritage of the reggian Apennines.

The three documentaries received the support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission.

in-tel-fade 2

IN TEL FADE – Points of view on the reggian Apennines

The relationship between landscape and memory, time of the elements and time of life, roots and displacement through the work of Amanzio Fiorini, photographer-watchmaker from Nismozza, and through the accounts of people living in the Apennines >>

al-cusna 2

AL CUSNA – Roots of singing, memory of the heart

The magnetic figure of Mara Redeghieri, former leader of the renowned band Ustmamò, and her research on the musical and literary tradition of the valleys and ridges of the Apennines >>


ACQUA CHIT VEN – Streams and currents in the Apennines

Tales of water, women and men: a solitary dam-keeper, the water revolts of 1928, rural acqueducts. All along the film water flows, uniting distant communities and continuously renewing itself: an element of memory passing on through generations >>