Ernesto Rossi and the project for a united Europe


Produced by Ethnos, Patma.doc, Fondazione Famiglia Sarzi
With the support of Regione Toscana
With the patronage of Comune di Ventotene
With the collaboration of
Fondazione “Ernesto Rossi e Gaetano Salvemini”
Le Mani dei Sarzi Onlus

Directed by Marco Cavallarin, Marco Mensa, Elisa Mereghetti
With the participation of Mauro Sarzi, Giulia Sarzi, Rahul Bernardelli
Historical consultant Antonella Braga
Music Paolo Fresu
Script Marco Cavallarin
Photography Marco Mensa
Editing Elisa Mereghetti
Graphic animation Lola Capote Ortiz, Marco Mensa
Sound design Jan Maio
Title music Sade Mangiaracina
Graphic design Roberta Contarini, Giulia Tudori for Studioclip
Production Patrizia Ottolenghi, Valerio Giannellini
Coordinator didactic project Irene Angelopulos




Ernesto Rossi, “rebel and democratic”, strong opponent of Fascism, was jailed and confined between 1930 and 1943 for his political ideas. THE WORDS OF VENTOTENE underlines his important contribution to the project of the European Union, as expressed in the Ventotene Manifesto, written with Altiero Spinelli and others in 1941 during WW2. Those ideals of a federal Europe, cancellation of borders, overcoming nationalisms, and defense of peace, are essential today more than ever, and they must be handed over to the younger generations. This is what the Sarzi family does in their precious work of puppeters/educators, touring Italy and Europe, spreading knowlegde about Ernesto Rossi and his great passion for puppet theatre.


THE WORDS OF VENTOTENE is part of the communication project  ESTO/ERNESTO ROSSI’s PUPPETS, created by Fondazione Famiglia Sarzi, Ethnos and Patma.doc with the support of Regione Toscana. The project promotes the knowledge of Rossi’s figure and the contents of the Manifesto of Ventotene in Italian and European schools.