Legendary fishermen


A production Scuba Film – Ethnos with the participation of ANFE
Directed by: Enzo Incontro and Marco Mensa
Photography: Marco Mensa
Script: Enzo Incontro and Elisa Mereghetti
Sound: Maurilio Quadarella
Editing: Elisa Mereghetti and Maurilio Quadarella
Music: Guido De Gaetano, SUN
Voice: Alessandro Maggi

“Marettimo is in my heart, no way around it”… With these words full of the depth of memory opens the documentary film “The sea of Joe”, a compelling narration which starts in the Sicilian island of Marettimo, passes through California and arrives in Alaska, following the footsteps of the “legendary Sicilian fishermen”… Central character of the film is Joe Bonanno, born in Marettimo, who migrated to the US in the 50s.  Many fishermen like him found the possibility of rebuilding their lives in the blooming fishing industry, which in the West Coast between the 30s and the 50s was at its height. The extraordinary fishing ability of the Marettimans was put to good use in sardine fishing in California and in salmon fishing in Alaska, where they became “top fishermen”. Today this heritage of knowledge and expertise combines with a renewed environmental consciousness, as the fishermen cooperate with the institutions in charge of sea protection, to define the rules for sustainable fishing and ocean safeguard. “The sea of Joe” is the Mediterranean, the Californian Pacific, the cold Alaskan ocean. A sea which marks the history of entire generations and the individual story of a Sicilian fisherman. In the heartfelt account of Joe Bonanno, a man full of life and of memory, we find the story of an entire era.