Produced by
ETHNOS – VAG61 – Occhiovago – Creativi di Craiova

Directed by: Elisa Mereghetti
Screenplay: Valerio Monteventi
Length: 80′

Prize for best television documentary – Avanca Encontros
Internacionais de Cinema, Televis√£o, Video – Avanca – Portugal 2009
Sulmona Cinema FIlm Festival 2010
EtnoFilm Fest (Rovigo)
Percorsi umani – Altro cinema possibile 2009
Human Rights Nights – Bologna 2008
Doc in tour 2008
Visioni italiane – Officinema 2008


The documentary tells the incredible story of the Roma community living in Bologna since 2002, through the images gathered by many independent videomakers, photographers and activists. The Roma people originally from Craiova, Romania, have walked the streets of Bologna since the end of the 90es, but the city notices their presence only in September 2002, when they are forcibly evicted from their poor shacks along the banks of the Reno River. In that occasion they meet the youth of the social centers and the local anti-globalization movement, and a common political growth begins. In Via Casarini, the International Migrant Station is occupied and made available to the Roma community. A series of collective events and individual stories, which crossed on the city streets, among continuous evictions and the attempt to make their voices heard, to request the right to be treated as people. After 5 years from that first eviction some of the Roma people have found an apartment and a job, but the majority continues to live as ghosts, in an endless escape, chased by bulldozers and police roundups.