Voices from Tangier


A COSPE production

Directed by: Elisa Mereghetti e Marco Mensa

Photography: Marco Mensa

Coordinated by: Debora Angeli

Communication: Pamela Cioni, Jonathan Ferramola

Music: Jamal Ouassini, Muslim, Collettivo On the Move, Hasna El Becharia

Length: 24′

Year of production: 2012


An excerpt of the documentary can be seen at

A portrait of a legendary and controversial city, historical bridge between Africa and Europe, in full economic expansion. The question is: which are the real changes to which people aspire? In Tangier, as in many Moroccan cities, following the mass mobilizaton of the “February 20th movement”, a profound political transformation is taking place. An Arab Spring less visible if compared to other North African and Middle Eastern countries, but just as important. The voices of men and women who live the magic and the contradictions of Tangier show how in the huge project for the city’s growth there is little space left for basic rights, culture, social development. And women are, once again, the most discriminated subject.