Resistance stories from Bolognina


Production ETHNOS/ Fuoricampo  (2002)

With the participation of:
Gelsomina Bonora “Gilera”
Adriana Fava “Tosca”
Renato Romagnoli “Italiano”
Elio Vigarani “Marinaio”

Direction and photography: Elisa Mereghetti
Subject and script: Collettivo Fuoricampo
Music: Banda Roncati – Le Fate
Length: 25′

“La memoria in rassegna”
Video di Resistenza, Deportazione e Liberazione in Europa – Bolzano 2003


Tosca, Marinaio, Gilera, Italiano, ex-partisans of the Bolognina quarter (Bologna). Two girls and two boys choose to fight the Fascist dictatorship and Nazi occupation. It’s a simple choice, which doesn’t require explanations: the reasons are in the life of the protagonists and of their friends. Together they decide to fight. Some of them die. In front of the camera four people, their faces marked by the many years passed, talk about their life in the Resistance and of the battles continued after Liberation. But their words speak of fights still going on, they speak of today.