A coproduction Ethnos – Pidgin
With the  support of the European Commission
With the participation of Altiné Ba
Original idea: Detalmo Pirzio Biroli
Directed by: Elisa Mereghetti e Marco Mensa
Photographyy: Marco Mensa
Producer: Andrea Gropplero
Editing: Alessandra Vietina
Editing supervision: Sandra Degiuli
Music: Baaba Maal


The life of Altiné, woman from the Sahel, is made of small everyday gestures and of the ancient art of survival in a dry and hostile area.
Altinè belongs the the Peul ethnic group, living in a small village in the Ferlo Desert, in Northern Senegal. Every day she undertakes a journey to the well to fecth water, she gathers firewood, prepares food for the entire family and tends to the children. She is the carrier of values, culture and knowledge of the Sahelian difficult environment. The film portrays her everyday life during the dry season, following her natural sense of time.