An ETHNOS – PIDGIN production
with the support of the European Commission
Research and text: Francesca Lulli
Directed by: Elisa Mereghetti
Photography: Marco Mensa
Producer: Andrea Gropplero
Music: Stefano Liporesi

Mediterranée des femmes, Digne (Francia) 2005
Femmes en resistance, Paris 2004
MaremmaDoc Festival, Pitigliano (GR) 2000
Des femmes bougent, le monde change… Marseille 2002
Special Mention, VideoDonna Festival, Bologna 2000

The Senegalese tontines, women’s associations dedicated to collective savings and mutual solidarity.
As many other African countries, Senegal in the 80es entered a period of economic crisis. Senegalese women have looked for their own answers to this widepread condition of instability. The “Tontines” are female associations formed by groups of women with common interests, who join their resources to create a system of rotating credit. These associations demonstrate the value of an economic organization based on solidarity and social sharing, and opposed to the dominating liberal model.