Nobel Peace Prize for African Women



“Walking Africa”, a song dedicated to all African Women by singer Amii Stewart, testimonial of the Noppaw Campaign (Nobel Peace Prize for African Women).

WALKING – the campaign opening ad

FIGHTERS FOR LIFE – the campaign closing ad

The Nobel Peace Prize Campaign for all African Women, promoted by NGOs CIPSI and ChiAma l’Africa, with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, has lead to a great result: the Nobel Peace Prize 2011 was assigned to three women, and two of them come from the African continent. Ethnos has strongly supported the Campaign with the production of two ads and one music video of the song “Walking Africa”, sung by Amii Stewart and composed by Paolo Casa. We are proud of the work done and of this unique collective experience. Thousands of people were involved in sustaining a visionary idea, which proved extremely successful.