The Women’s Centre in Shkodra


COSPE production

Coordinated by: Gabriella Oliani

Directed by: Elisa Mereghetti

Photography: Marco Mensa

Music: Guido De Gaetano

Length: 25’

Shkodra, Albania. The Women’s Center “Hapa te lehte” (Light steps) provides legal and psychological assistance to women in need. It also fights against domestic violence, for women’s rights, for health assistance, for the right to education, for the improvement of living conditions in the marginal areas of the city. Albanian women are not respected in the family and in society, and they bear the weight of an ancient patriarchal culture. But the young women of the Center Light Steps are managing to trigger processes of change… The documentary is part of a Cospe project on the Millenium Development Goals, sponsored by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The film intends to give value to the great energy and social creativity of the young women of the Women’s Center. The challenge for the filmmakers was to let the women tell about themselves, following them in their daily work, in the hospitals, in the poor neighborhoods, in the relations with institutions and with a country in full transition such as Albania.