an extraordinary public art project
in the industrial area of Pianoro


WORK OF ART is a participatory documentary about art, work and beauty. It was produced with the involvement of various international artists, together with factory workers and entrepreneurs from the Pianoro area, in the province of Bologna, Italy. The film is inspired by “Cuore di Pietra” (Heart of Stone), an extraordinary public art project which started ten years ago in Pianoro. The documentary shows how young artists create signs, art installations and performances inside the industrial premises, thanks to the collaboration and the personal exchange with workers.
Rita Correddu focuses on recording the workers’ heart-beat; the couple Bisotti-Paladino draws fragments of workers’ testimonies on sidewalks; Anna Rossi’s contribution is the fantastic re-elaboration of residual end products. The Mancuso Brothers compose original music influenced by their experience of migration to the UK and their work in London’s factories. More artists are involved in the project, such as Mona Lisa Tina, Andreco, Thierry Weid, and many others. Art is a universal language that creates relationships, generates shared memories, and helps us to live a fuller life, even in times of crisis.  


Telling about art in a documentary is a challenging task: each artist has a peculiar style, a personal research, a unique language. In those special moments of human contact between artists and workers in the factories several individual stories are merged, and the possibilities of interpretation become endless.
We looked for an original visual and narrative approach which could enhance the places, the landscape, the objects, the artists… to capture that precious, ephemeral moment when an encounter between people becomes a “work of art”.


Production Ethnos – Associazione Cuore di Pietra with the support of Emilia-Romagna Film Commission Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna with the collaboration of Comune di Pianoro based on the artistic project by Mili Romano a documentary film by Marco Mensa and Elisa Mereghetti with the collaboration of Mili Romano and Nando Briamonte with the special participation of Fratelli Mancuso reciting voice Matteo Belli music and sound design Fabrizio Festa/Materelettrica length: 50’


WORK OF ART was partly financed witha crowdfunding campaign on Ginger! Thanks to all the donors who helped us to reach our goal! 


Rita Correddu Mona Lisa Tina Daniela Spagna Musso Ambra Di Noia Emilio Fantin Anna Rossi Andreco Laura Bisotti- Simona Paladino Jiang Guoyin Thierry Weyd Tao Yi  – Sun Lian Loop Gabriella Presutto Francesca Acerbi together with entrepreneurs, workers and citizens of Pianoro and the young artists of Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna


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