Production: Area Marina Protetta del Plemmirio – ETHNOS
Direction and photgraphy: Marco Mensa
Underwater filming: Enzo Incontro
Editing: Elisa Mereghetti Mirella Carrozzieri
Music: Tiziano Popoli
Year of production: 2007
Length: 25′

“Deep down there are no borders” is visibile online at

Paladino D’Oro for Best Direction Sezione Film Paralympics
Sport Film Festival – Palermo 2008


Francesco is 38 years old, he is paraplegic since birth, and he works as an accountant. A friend told him about the deep-sea diving program for disabled people of the Plemmirio Marine Area near Siracusa, in Sicily. Francesco decides to take on the challenge. With the help of trained instructors, he discovers a multicolored universe, never seen before. As any other person, he can experience the contact with water, touch submerged rocks, swim with the fish, observe marine life from nearby. Benedetta is 19 years old. She is blind since birth, and she studies Languages at the University of Catania. The friendship with her diving instructor Carmelo has opened new horizons for her: today Benedetta can feel the wonder of deep sea diving and of the contact with submarine environment. This is made possible by the special program for sight impaired people of the Plemmirio Protected Marine Area.