Is a TV production company specialized in documentaries and cultural projects. Starting from a strong creative characterization and social commitment, Ethnos distinguished itself at the national and international level, obtaining important recognitions. It has collaborated continuously for RAI, national Italian television, for the programs “GEO&GEO”, “REPORT”, “IL VIAGGIATORE”, “Sorgente di Vita”, producing various documentaries and news stories of nature, geographic, anthropological, historical subjects. Ethnos productions were broadcast by various TV channels in Italy and abroad. Ethnos has collaborated with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and with various Non Governmental Organizations in the making of documentaries distributed internationally on the themes of development cooperation, human rights, the South of the world. It has also produced numerous campaigns of social communication. It has obtained financing and support for its projects from various institutions such as the European Commission (Media Plus Programme), Medea Programme, European Commission (DGVIII – Development), Emilia-Romagna Region, Unicef, Province of Bologna, Ministry for Social Solidarity, Foreign Affairs Ministry, Luce Institute, Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, Carnegie Corporation of New York. Recently it has given life to two new entrepreneurial projects: 3DAlliance and 8doors webTV.


Elisa in Amazzonia


Director and documentarist, she began her professional career at RAI Corporation, the New York Bureau of RAI – National Italian Television. She directed more than 40 documentaries (the first one in 1988) and various social campaigns, many of which focussing on women’s issues, anthropological and development subjects, also treating the themes of cooperation, North- South relations, social, environmental and historical issues. Her films have received numerous awards both nationally and internationally.Her documentary EYES WIDE OPEN on the AIDS pandemic in Africa was supported by the MEDIA PLUS program of the European Commission. She has experience in in the management of projects involving international partners, including projects funded by the European Commission and by UNICEF, UNDP, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Italian Ministry of Social Solidarity. As President of the Association VAG61 (Bologna) and vice president of the Association of Emilia-Romagna Documentarists, she promoted the production of independent information and the spreading of a documentary culture.




Director, director of photography and photographer, is active in the audiovisual industry since 1980. The main themes of his visual research involve social and anthropological issues, nature and the environment, historical and artistic subjects. Has directed and photographed several reportages and award-winning documentaries for RAI National Italian Television, for the United Nations Development Program and many associations and non governmental organizations, filming in numerous countries around the world. Has photographed various short fiction films and recently two medium-length features on Kafka by director Luigi di Gianni for RAI – Italian Television. Has directed and photographed TV ads for social campaigns and commercial ads. He is presently promoting research in Stereoscopic 3D. Has won various prizes and recognitions for his work. As a professional photographer has worked for private companies and public institutions, and his photographs were exhibited in various contexts both in Italy (Turin, Milan, Bologna, Trento) and in international settings (Paris, Warsaw, New York, Asmara, Jerusalem).